Other Applications - The Only Limitation is Your Imagination

Etching Labels on Glass Bottles

  • Current chemical etching process is expensive and time consuming
  • RevoLaze has demonstrated capability to etch labels continuously on rotating glass at high speeds
  • Unlimited mass production potential
  • Costs would be a fraction of the chemical etching process
  • Trials are just beginning on other glass products, the possibilities are endless

High Speed Scribing to Create Easy Tear Tape

  • Current process for manufacturing medical tape is through “web roll”
  • Web rolls are usually at 60-inch field, traveling 400 feet per minute
  • Conventional lasers can perforate holes but are severely limited by 2 major issues:
  • Instead of just scribing a line, RevoLaze technology creates an ideal structure composed of varying degrees of indentation along the line, maximize tensile strength while creating easy tear characteristics (patent applied for)
  • RevoLaze ultra speed 2,500W laser technology is the only answer to match the web speed and optimize the tear and tensile strength
  • Simple addition to the current manufacturing process by mounting laser on top