Company History

Revolaze on DenimThe innovators of RevoLaze LLC started research on laser etching textile materials over twenty years ago with 25 watt laser systems. Through the use of sophisticated D-Optimal computer designed experiments, we overcame the technical barriers to successfully scribe high quality graphics and patterns on a host of textile fabrics including denim, cotton, polyester, nylon, silk, as well as vinyl, suede, and leather.

 Continued experimentation through the years allowed us to increase the laser scan speed with the use of 250 watt galvo-driven laser systems. However, the time to laser etch graphics and patterns on textiles often was measured in minutes. For example, we could laser etch a complete global abrasion pattern on the front and back of denim jeans in about 3 minutes. Our vision was to achieve the same results in seconds not minutes.

 Our motivation was strictly influenced by the need to implement a transformational technology in laser etching – one that could do in seconds what traditional lasers took minutes to accomplish. Time is money and unit costs drop dramatically when you produce a graphic on a material in seconds vs. minutes.

 Therefore, we set about a challenging task to develop high speed state-of-the-art laser etching technology utilizing 500 watt, then 1,000 watt and finally 2,500 watt galvo-driven high power laser systems. We achieved a breakthrough when the identical global denim abrasion pattern cited above was laser etched in 33 seconds with 2,500 watt laser systems.