Revolutionary Laser Technology for Composite Decking

One of our newest and most exciting platforms is plastic lumber. RevoLaze developed a continuous process using the highest power, highest speed laser in the industry.

Introducing the WORLD’S ONLY continuous, "etch-on-the-fly" process for composite decking

Key Benefits:

Composite Decking
  • Pattern that expands and does not duplicate or repeat every few feet – a reoccurring problem with the current process of embossing
  • Authentic wood grain look 
  • Individual customization, which allows for non-wood grain designs
  • Infinite flexibility for designers through digital technology – any image can be converted to a laser-ready file within minutes
  • Ability to laser graphic images at high speeds, resulting in a low unit cost
  • Ease of changing from one graphic image pattern to the next
  • Unparalleled reliability – exhibiting a near 100% yield
  • No line of demarcation or repeat patterns on a board



Current Licensee

Green Bay BeckingGreen Bay Decking is an innovator and technological leader in the composite decking industry. Both their Terrain Deck and Duxxbak offerings feature RevoLaze's laser etched technology to create the real wood appearance.